Gentle Flow and Sound Healing

What can I expect in the Gentle Flow and Sound Healing class?

This class combines a gentle yoga practice followed by deep relaxation in Savasana. The yoga class itself is slow and suitable for both beginners and advanced students. In the extended end relaxation, our talented yoga teacher Lisa will accompany you with various instruments such as Indian singing bowls, an acoustic guitar and her own voice. The sound waves travel through your body and soften the muscles.

What actually happens in Sound Healing?

Sound therapy is already a common term in yoga and meditation practice. Interestingly though, this type of therapy is becoming more and more popular in modern psychotherapy and even in intensive care units of large clinics.

You've probably already experienced for yourself that music can have an influence on our state of mind. Certain songs make you dance up and down the kitchen, swinging wooden spoons, while others move you to tears. In sound therapy, it's not just the acoustically perceptible sounds that move us, but also the vibrations and oscillations that spread through our body.

The whole thing can be explained as not just being hocus-pocus in this way; the human body consists of up to 75 percent water. It's also no secret that water conducts vibrations and oscillations particularly well. The vibrations hitting our body activate the water inside and stimulate the brain region in particular. Above all, relaxing alpha, delta, and theta waves are generated by the sounds of the instruments. It's exactly these waves, which can be measured in people who are in an intensive and deep meditation. In Sound Healing, the body and mind are allowed to rest and there is room for healing.

What are the Benefits of Sound Healing?

  • Deep relaxation of the entire body's muscles
  • Deep relaxation of the mind by the generation of calming Alpha, Delta and Theta waves
  • Can help with anxiety and trauma
  • Can release tension
  • Can help with sleep problems

Class Info

Gentle Flow and Sound Healing 

Wednesday 19:45 -20:45 (In English)

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