Aerial Yoga Teacher Training (30h) in English

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Two Weekends 16.03.2024 – 17.03.2024 and 20.04.2024 – 21.04.2024

This four day course will give you all the skills you need to comfortably teach aerial yoga classes. See details below.

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Two weekends – 16.03.2024 – 17.03.2024 and 20.04.2024 – 21.04.2024 30h basic training

Will be taught in English


During this basic training, you will learn how to plan and teach diverse and safe aerial yoga classes. The focus of this training lies on the different aerial poses, how to combine them into a creative flow, and create a calm yet challenging class. During the course, you will get to know different aerial yoga styles, including the opportunity to take part in an aerial yin class. This should encourage you to develop your own aerial yoga style. Between the two training weekends, you will have time to further develop your aerial yoga skills. We therefore recommend that you order your own Aerial Yoga silk early, so that you have it ready to practice after the first training weekend.


What the training will cover:

– Deepening your own aerial yoga practice

– Components, set-up, and care of your equipment

– Preparations – health checks

– Key points for the students

– Key points for you as a teacher

– The structure and sequencing of an aerial yoga class

– Basic postures and holds

– Adjustments

– Safety in the silk

– Legal aspects



The training consists of theoretical and practical lessons as well as exercises for self-study, so that each participant is able to give creative, well-founded, and above all safe aerial yoga lessons after the training. The 30h for this Teacher Training does not include your personal self-study time. It is very important that you practice what you are going to teach. It is therefore advantageous to attend aerial yoga classes before the training or have practiced with your own aerial yoga silk, so that you already have a feeling for handling the silk. The training is divided into two weekends so that you have the opportunity to practice between the blocks and familiarize yourself more with the sling. At the end, each participant takes a short theoretical and practical exams. After passing the exams and attending 100% of all classes, each participant receives a certificate which entitles them to teach aerial yoga. Aerial Yoga is license-free and not bound to any further obligations (updates, license payments, etc.).



The requirements for receiving the certificate are a successfully passed exam and a completed yoga / Pilates / dance / trainer or comparable bodywork training with at least one year of yoga practice.


Yoga teachers

The training is led by Nadine Tinker and Jeremiah “Jay” Tinker. Nadine completed her yoga teacher training in 2018 and then completed various further training courses as a Yin Yoga, Stand Up Paddle Board Yoga, and Aerial Yoga teacher. She taught in various studios until she finally fulfilled her dream of building her own yoga studio with Jay and opened the Secret Garden Yoga Studio in Basel in April 2023. Her aerial yoga classes are playful and varied. Jay is currently completing his yoga teacher training and assists in the aerial yoga classes. This has allowed him to gain a lot of experience, especially in the areas of safety and adjustment.


Be aware of the following:

  • Please wear comfortable sportswear that covers the knees and armpits and has no zippers or other sharp points
  • Please leave your jewelry at home, as it could get caught in the fabric of the yoga towel
  • If you are pregnant, we do not recommend this course
  • Cancellations before 15.02.2024 will lead to a full refund; Cancellations after 16.02.2024 will only be refunded if a yogi from the waitlist signs up


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