Aerial Yoga Beginner Course with Lisa

CHF 100.00

In this Beginner Course, Lisa will guide you gently from complete novice to confident aerial yogi in 4 consecutive classes taught every Wednesday from 14 August until 04 September 2024!

Verfügbarkeit: 7 vorrätig


4 Class Course on Wednesdays

Starts 14 August 2024 – Ends 04 September 2024

Wednesdays 18:15 – 19:15

Course given in English


Would you like to try aerial yoga but haven’t yet dared to? Would you like to practice with the same group for 4 weeks and make long lasting connections with other English-speaking people in Basel? Then this course might be just right for you!

This Beginner Course is designed to build up gently, which is why it’s suitable for aerial yoga beginners or aerial yogis who wish for a little slower pace and more confidence in the silk. No beginner workshop needed!


Sign up today and fly with us into the Summer! Limited spots available!


What is Aerial Yoga?

Are you looking for something that’s challenging and relaxing at the same time, and the fun factor is guaranteed? Then aerial yoga is the right thing for you! Aerial yoga is practiced with the help of a cloth hanging from the ceiling. It combines elements of Pilates, yoga, TRX, and acrobatics. During the class, you will be guided step by step through various exercises in the aerial hammock. Not only will you train your entire body, but you will also learn to strengthen your self-confidence, relax your entire neck area, and fly in acrobatic poses. The sling makes it easy for you to get into inversions, which have a wonderful effect on your spine thanks to low-impact pressure relief. Aerial yoga uses gravity to create space in the body without putting strain on the joints. During the class, you repeatedly focus on your breathing, deepening it and working to expand your lung capacity. The benefits of aerial yoga are therefore worth turning upside down from time to time.


Be aware of the following:

  • Please wear comfortable sportswear that covers the knees and armpits and has no zippers or other sharp points
  • Please leave your jewelry at home, as it could get caught in the fabric of the yoga hammock
  • If you are pregnant, we do not recommend this course
  • There is no cancellation on this course after 07 August 2024, cancellations before this date will lead to a refund in the form of four (4) single regular classes


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